Free Advertising Opportunity for Samui Based Businesses

Welcome to Samui Now – your local guide to all things Koh Samui, Thailand. Our mission is to create a platform that not only provides value to our readers but also supports local businesses that are the lifeblood of our community.

In light of the current challenging environment for small businesses, we are delighted to introduce our Free Advertising Opportunity. Through this initiative, we aspire to aid local businesses in Koh Samui and nearby islands in enhancing their visibility and expanding their reach via video content and digital advertising.

Here’s how the Samui Now Advertising Opportunity works:

1. Your Input: To create a video that truly represents your business, we need your help. Each business is required to provide the following:

Video Clips and Images: Share high-quality video clips and images that encapsulate your business operations, products or services, environment, and unique selling points.

Brief Description: Provide a succinct description of your company, detailing what your business offers, its location, and any other information you believe would be beneficial in the video.

Please note, your business must meet our quality standards, which means the provided clips and images should be of high resolution and the information should be accurate and comprehensive.

2. Video Production: After receiving your input, our talented team will get to work on creating a professionally-edited, engaging video highlighting your business:

Video Editing: Our team will compile and refine your video clips and images into an attractive visual representation of your business.

Voice-Over: A captivating voice-over will be scripted and recorded to narrate your business’s story and highlight the products and services you offer.

Background Music: To enhance the video’s overall appeal, suitable background music will be selected and integrated.

The final product will be a well-optimized YouTube video that reflects your business’s essence and appeals to potential customers.

3. Video Promotion: Once the video is prepared, it’s time to promote it:

Social Media Promotion: Your video will be posted on Samui Now’s social media channels, reaching our extensive network of followers.

Google Ads Campaign: A targeted Google Ads campaign will be initiated to promote your video, expanding its reach to potential customers actively looking for products and services like yours.

Seize this unique opportunity to promote your business for free on Samui Now, and watch your customer base grow. Let’s join hands to strengthen our Koh Samui community and help it thrive.

(Please note that this offering is subject to availability and demand. Hence, we recommend reaching out to us promptly to secure your spot.)

Ready to amplify your business’s visibility?

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