Looking for Thai Cooking Classes on Koh Samui Island?

Ready to savor the vibrant flavors of Thai food? The Island Organics Thai Cooking Classes offer a culinary journey like no other. Chef Lat and her experienced chefs welcome all, from beginners to seasoned cooks. Located on the Thai island of Koh Samui, Island Organics uses only the freshest organic ingredients from thier own garden, offering a farm-to-table experience that’s truly authentic.

Island Organics Samui: Authentic Thai Cooking Classes

The Thai Cooking Class & Organic Micro Farm Experience immerses you in the art of crafting authentic Thai dishes. Learn about exotic ingredients, including thier home-made curry pastes, and master the cooking techniques that bring out their unique flavors. Island Organics Samui are excited to announce their classes reopening in 2023. It’s a fantastic opportunity to stimulate your taste buds and ignite your passion for cooking.

Thai Cooking Classes for Everyone

Everyone can join Island Organics Samui’s Thai cooking class, regardless of experience. Their private classes are tailored to each participant’s skill level, offering a stress-free learning environment. You can book these sessions hours in advance, ensuring a slot that suits your schedule.

Micro Organic Farm Tour and Green Curry Making

Part of the cooking session includes a tour of thier thriving micro organic farm. Understand the organic gardening methods and learn how to cultivate the fresh ingredients that go into dishes like our famed green curry. This hands-on experience helps you appreciate the farm-to-table philosophy.

Vegan Options and Tasty Meals

Vegans are well catered for at Island Organics Samui. Chef Lat and her team offer a variety of delectable plant-based dishes. Dietary restrictions don’t stop you from relishing the tasty meals of Thai cuisine.

Thai Cooking School Certification: From Farm to Table

Their Thai Cooking School certification program is available for those wanting to master Thai cooking. This program equips you with a solid understanding of Thai cooking techniques and flavors, whether you aspire to become a professional chef or simply want to create more tasty meals at home.

Why Choose Island Organics Samui’s Private Cooking Class?

Organic Ingredients

Island Organics Samui prides themselves on using organic ingredients in every class, directly sourced from the organic garden. This farm-to-table approach guarantees the nutrition and taste of your meals, providing a more wholesome culinary experience.

Fluent English Instruction

Chef Lat’s fluency in English guarantees smooth communication during the class. Whether English is your first or second language, you’ll clearly grasp the cooking instructions.

Ideal for All Skill Levels

Their Thai cooking class is perfect for cooks of all skill levels. Lessons are tailored to your expertise, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

Location on Koh Samui Island

Island Organics Samui is located on Koh Samui island in Thailand, a beautiful setting to learn the art of Thai cooking.

Advance Bookings and Private Classes

We recommend advance bookings to secure your preferred schedule. Their private cooking classes ensure a focused learning environment where you can recreate your favorite dishes with expert guidance.

Final Thoughts on Thai Cooking Classes

If you’re enticed by the vibrant and unique flavors of Thai cuisine, Island Organics Samui’s Thai cooking class is for you. With organic ingredients, micro organic farm tour, and a range of vegan options, they guarantee an unforgettable culinary adventure.


Can anyone join Island Organics Samui’s Thai cooking class?

Absolutely, classes are open to all, regardless of cooking experience.

Does Island Organics Samui use organic ingredients?

Yes, they exclusively use organic ingredients in our cooking classes.

Is Chef Lat fluent in English?

Yes, Chef Lat communicates cooking instructions fluently in English.

Does Island Organics Samui cater to vegans and vegetarians?

Definitely, they offer a diverse range of vegan options and vegetarian dishes in our cooking classes.

Can I book a thai cooking classes Island Organics Samui?

Yes, they offer private classes that can be booked in advance to suit your schedule.

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