Bubble Beach Restaurant in Bang Por | Worth the Visit?

Today we’re off on a foodie adventure to the wonderful Bubble Beach Restaurant. It’s a special place on a quiet and lovely beach called Bang Por, perfect for a beach holiday. Imagine having your favourite meal while watching the waves roll in. Cool, right? It’s a big part of the beach life!

More Than Just a Dining Experience at Bubble Beach Restaurant

Do you love playing games with your friends? How about working on your laptop while sipping a cool drink? This is just the place for you. You can have fun, relax, and eat yummy food all in one place, creating a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant is on Bang Por Beach, a quiet and clean place perfect for a beach walk. The restaurant is a like a little beach hut right on the beach, so you can see the ocean while you eat. The best part? Watching the sunset and calling it a day on your paradise beach.

No Extra Charge for the Day

You don’t have to pay anything extra to spend the day at the beach Restaurant during your holiday. But remember, you need to buy your food and drinks from the restaurant to use their space.

The restaurant has a covered area for playing pool and other games. It’s a great place to have fun with your friends while enjoying a mocktail and watching the beautiful sunset. This is a fun part of the beach life!

A Cool Spot for Work and Play

Bubble Beach isn’t just about food. It has a cool bar with lots of different drinks. And if you’re someone who likes to work on your laptop, there’s a special air-conditioned room with everything you need, like charging points and fast internet, for an oceanfront experience.

One of the best things about Bubble Beach is the view. You can see the beautiful ocean while eating your food or having a drink. How awesome is that for an oceanfront experience?

Yummy Food: A Unique Dining Experience!

The restaurant has lots of tasty food to try, promising an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you love seafood, meat, or vegetables, there’s something for everyone. The chefs are really good at making both Thai and international dishes.

The restaurant also lets you eat your food by the pool. You can even take a dip in the pool or chill on the sun loungers while eating. It’s like a mini beach holiday!

Wrapping Up

Bubble Beach Restaurant is a really cool place. With the beautiful ocean view, yummy food, fun games, a cool spot for working, and the option to eat by the pool, it’s definitely the best place on Bang Por Beach. So, if you’re dreaming of a beach holiday and a meal while looking at the ocean, the restaurant is just the place for you!


Is there a day pass fee?

No, there isn’t. But, purchase of food and drinks is required while using the facilities.

Is the pool available for use?

Yes, it is. Customers can choose to dine beside the pool or take a dip in the water.

Is Bubble Beach Restaurant suitable for digital nomads?

Yes, it is. The restaurant offers an enclosed air-conditioned workspace with high-speed internet connectivity.

What makes the Restaurant unique?

Bubble Beach Restaurant has excellent service, serves delicious food, and provides stunning ocean views.

Can you watch the sunset while enjoying your meal at Bubble Beach Restaurant?

Yes, you can. it’s a great spot for cocktails and watching the sunset.

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